I Used Music To Spread The Gospel – “Patty Obasi”

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Patty Obasi

Only very few Nigerians may be famaliar with the name Patrick Obasi. But many would be familiar with the name Patty Obasi. Whether it is Patrick Obasi or Patty Obasi, we are talking about the same person. He is the musician, who used music to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
One of Obasi’s songs, Nwa Mamiwota, (mermaid’s child), was well received and many Nigerians related with it. Interestingly, that was not the only successful album of this budding gospel musician. There were many others.

Recently, Saturday Sun ran into Obasi and he spoke about his career, among others.

For sometime now, you have been out of the music scene. What is going on?
Well, a lot of factors contributed to that. Piracy is one of them. I was not getting the dividend for my labour; people market my product and don’t give me the money. Therefore, I don’t get enough money to invest on another album. The major problem is piracy. With piracy, I cannot continue.

As a musician, what motivated you?
I went into music to spread the gospel. The gospel was gaining ground. The effect of the gospel on people was glaring. But marketers spoilt the show. Some of them were working for pirates. They have abused the industry, so much so that many people have been frustrated out. We were using music to preach the gospel, but marketers turned the whole thing into a masquerade (Atilogwu) show. When you see them dance and perform it, you will know that this is not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. And you know the world likes corruption. They became a spectacle.

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With such brand of music, they were not converting people to the Lord. Before you can convert anybody to the Lord, you will be converted yourself. The Lord will have a grip on you. He will take control of your conscience. You must have the fear of God. But when you see homosexuals performing gospel music, it makes you sick. Such people may make wave, but the music, no matter the lyric, would not bring anybody close to God. The reason is simple. The way they dance it is a study in corruption. To say the least, the present gospel musicians are far from God.

How long have you been in the music industry?
I have been in the music industry since 1980. I have over 15 records in my name, which made waves and are still making waves today.

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At a point your records were in almost every home. What is the secret?
Anointing is what popularised my music. Anointing breaks the yoke.

How do you want to be remembered?
I want to be remembered, as someone who played music that touches the soul. I want to be remembered as someone who produces albums that brought about righteousness in the society.

What role does your wife play in your career?
My wife sings, also. When I have multiple invitations, my wife represents me, in some. We work together.

Is there any of your children taking after you?
Well, they are still young, still growing.

I would recall that one of your tracks, Nwa Mamiwota (mermaid’s child), made waves. Could you tell us the effect of it?
Well, it made a resounding hit because people related with it. It was happening then. The effect of the album was that those involved in mermaid practices became ashamed of themselves. People started repenting of their sins, in that regard. Many people confessed about their exploit in the marine world.

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