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[SERMON] Be Bold; Be Strong!, (Be Of Good Courage And Let Nothing Stop You)” – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


WALKING-IN-HIS-PERFECT-WILL [SERMON] Be Bold; Be Strong!, (Be Of Good Courage And Let Nothing Stop You)" - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Rhapsody of Realities TeeVo,

(Be Of Good Courage And Let Nothing Stop You),

TO THE BIBLE Acts 20:22-24 CEV
“I don’t know what will happen to me in Jerusalem, but I must obey God’s Spirit and go there. In every city I visit, I am told by the Holy Spirit that I will be put in jail and will be in trouble in Jerusalem. But I don’t care what happens to me….”

Paul was one man that dared to do the things of God in an extraordinary way. He was neither afraid of his adversaries nor for his life. He preached the gospel everywhere he went, irrespective of the laws and dictates of the authorities against the propagation of the Gospel. Our opening scripture shows one of his many declarations of faith. Even while he was aware, through the Spirit’s witness, that he’d be put in jail and be in trouble in Jerusalem, he was undeterred. He said, “I don’t care what happens to me!” He was truly bold and courageous for the Gospel.

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Like the Apostle Paul, you’ve got to refuse to fear. Never get to the point where you’re intimidated or overwhelmed by the pressures and adversities of life, to affect your commitment to the Gospel. Never faint or give up in the face of adversity. Be strong. Be courageous. Preach the Gospel with boldness.

If you’re a church leader, for example, and for some reason, you’re told your fellowship meetings can no longer hold or you can’t use a certain venue, it’s a fight of faith! Don’t chicken out because of human threats! Don’t act as though you’re helpless. We’re not hamstrung. Pray, and let God’s wisdom guide you. There’s a power and force greater than what we see with our optical eyes. Get on your knees and pray fervently in tongues, declaring your dominion.

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As you pray, proclaim words of faith until you’re stirred to prophesy to, and over, the situation. Remember, we’re unstoppable. So, let nothing deter you. Be strong and be of good courage, and before long, your victory will be evident to all.

Go Deeper
Isaiah 41:13-14; Act 18:9-11

I refuse to fear, for God hasn’t given me a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind. The life of God is in me; therefore, I’m a victor in Christ Jesus! Greater is He that’s in me than he that’s in the world!

Daily Bible Reading
Matthew 7:7-29, Genesis 23-24
Acts 7:54-60, Nehemiah 13

If you’re faced with any challenge today, get on your knees and pray fervently in tongues. Then declare words of faith to change that situation

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