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Apostle Johnson Suleman Speaks On How God Gave Him Aauchi

ExternalLink_Johnson-Suleman-300x300 Apostle Johnson Suleman Speaks On How God Gave Him Aauchi

When I came to Auchi, I observed all the pastors and ministries.

After observation, I discovered 95% were living in poverty. 95% of Christians were humiliated and ridiculed. 95% of Christians were stranded.

For 40 days, I went round the town in prayer and fasting. On the 40th day, I stood at the heart of the town and I said Christianity in this town is liberated, Jesus is Lord, Jesus is glorified, the church will bring honour, people will come from all over the world because of the church.

I prayed at that spot from 12am to 5am, vigilantes came, they waited for me to finish praying. When they saw I wasn’t through, they left me there. People were looking at me praying in the dead hours in the morning.

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There was something I was seeing, that nobody was seeing.. I was seeing the liberation, 16years later and still counting, Jesus is proving himself around the nations of the world..


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