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Understanding The Days Of Little Beginnings – Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle-Joshua-Selman-298x300 Understanding The Days Of Little Beginnings – Apostle Joshua Selman

I have shared with you in this ministry that for many years God would not allow me to buy a car..

Even when Koinonia was filled with crowds here, I will climb a bike and still come for Koinonia. You would think i were a stupid person. It was not because there was lack of finances.. Just like that
..Lord why do you want to humiliate me?
I love you so much, why won’t you allow me to buy a car?
Then people started coming with cars to give me and God will just tell me to bless them and let them go..If I were your relative will you clap for me for that kind of brain?..

Be careful what you call common sense….
It has destroyed many people ..The way of the Spirit is very strange..

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I will never forget one time a man came to tell me…
this is what God gave him to give me..he carried the keys of the car and I was already smiling when He(God) came again and said man has not discussed with his wife….
his wife will join the people who will talk about you and will say you have manipulated the husband..
I appreciated the man, prayed for him with all my heart and told him to carry the car and go.

But today..will I ever have a need of a car and not have it ?
Never ever forever..
Waiting pays.
When God wants to pay you, He will back dates it.
Press down, shaken together to make room for more..fill it till it runs over.

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Sustain the stamina to wait.
Shut your ears to the nonsense people say,
You are on your way to a dimension of grace..He is training you….
He is teaching you..


You can stay with God are lifting people put on wheel chairs …yet God will tell you not to honour one invitation..
Sit down..and be a worker..not even in prayer band..carry the cooler and work in welfare department.
It is when you are carrying that cooler you are qualifying yourself for the next level.


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