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Apostle Joshua Selman – Redefining The Great Commission


What is the significance of the Great Commission?

The Great Commission is a directive given by Jesus to His disciples and all believers, instructing them to spread the message of salvation throughout the entire world. Its purpose is to bring nations to the knowledge of the truth through discipleship, leading to transformation at both territorial and societal levels.

According to Apostle Joshua Selman, the Great Commission comprises three key components, which are thoroughly explained in his teaching:

  1. World Evangelization (Mark 16:15) World evangelization involves proclaiming and declaring the gospel of salvation to all people. As believers, we are called to partner with God, the Lord of the harvest, and employ every scriptural strategy to ensure the salvation of all souls. It is a mandate for every follower of Christ.
  2. Discipleship (Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 2:42) Discipleship focuses on mentoring and guiding believers to attain maturity and spiritual growth through sound doctrine. It entails helping individuals understand the principles of God’s Kingdom through teaching ministries. The ultimate goal of discipleship is personal transformation and maturity. As a result, believers gather together physically to learn and grow.
  3. Territorial or Societal Transformation Territorial or societal transformation, as exemplified by John 10:10 and Matthew 14:16-17, refers to the permeation of the gospel into society, bringing an end to moral decline and societal decay. When the impact of your life and ministry begins to affect society, it attracts the attention of influential individuals within that community. At this point, individual believers become agents of transformation for entire nations.

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In summary, the Great Commission is a divine mandate given by Jesus to His followers, calling them to share the gospel globally, disciple believers, and bring about transformation at territorial and societal levels. It encompasses world evangelization, discipleship, and the influence of individuals on society, leading to a significant impact on nations.