Cathy Zulu Biography – Age, Husband, children, networth, songs

Cathy Zulu Biography – Age, Husband, children, networth, songs

Today we show you who Cathy Zulu is,

Hello, my name is Cathy Zulu, proud of my Zambians, I was born into a Christian family, I started singing in a choir since I was nine years old, my passion for music started to grow every day until a day in 2006 I started my journey and announced that I was a winner at E vally Studios in Northmed after trying Performance. I won a video contract and a free song and at the time it was one of those big studios in Zambia and I remember the guy who was one of the rulers at the time, Mr. Jerry, the producer who is also a singer-songwriter and the guy who recorded the video was Shama known as Pilato Lol in 2007.

I started writing songs thinking that one day I would and the first song I wrote was ndimenyeni nkhondo and the song came after the situation I was in, I even remember singing it in church with my sisters. In the same year 2007 I started recording 2008, my album was released with the title #ndimamukonda and I remember the call of Moshe Molsa, the Shalom family, Brother Osward kuziba yesu etc, it was not easy for me because it was like a new baby in this industry that no I never met any artist I was alone, but I never gave up, I went to a concert and had the opportunity to sing at 05 pm It was never easy but I had to move on in 2009 I made a video for ndimamukonda but no I knew where I was taking my video, I never knew any media house, but thanks to my passion for music I was able to locate media sites and at that time muvi TV was coming, I picked up my video there and also ZNBC and TBN Mobi TV etc. slowly while working on another project i was able to take my promotions to different radio stations and thank goodness things started to happen in 2013 ndimenyeleni nkhondo project was completed and it really did for me and people appreciate it every day.

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People would send auditions there after hearing songs from my album and I really thank God for that. Thank goodness before the end of this year, I still realize that my new project that people have been waiting for a long time contains powerful songs that will help lift someone’s soul while listening.