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Donnie McClurkin – Live In London and More [Full Album]


Download Donnie McClurkin Live In London and More… Album: Multi-Talented American gospel singer and songwriter, Donnie McClurkin releases this extraordinary project called, “Live In London and More…”, disclosed way back in 2000. It contains fourteen soul-lifting records, written and recorded by him with guest appearances from Marvin Winans, published through Zomba Recording LLC.

Donnie McClurkin, the renowned American gospel singer, delivered an unforgettable musical experience with his album “Live In London and More…” Released in 2000 under the imprint of Zomba Recording LLC, this soul-stirring masterpiece showcases McClurkin’s powerful vocals and profound spiritual depth.

Featuring a collection of 14 tracks, the album takes listeners on a captivating journey of faith, love, and praise. From the moment the first note resonates, McClurkin’s unmistakable voice fills the air, drawing listeners closer to the heart of his music.

Recorded during an electric live performance in London, “Live In London and More…” captures the raw energy and enthusiasm of the audience, creating an atmosphere that reverberates with joy and reverence. Each track is infused with McClurkin’s heartfelt devotion, which effortlessly transcends language and cultural barriers.

With a runtime of 1 hour and 9 minutes, this album allows listeners to fully immerse themselves in McClurkin’s uplifting melodies. From the lively and infectious rhythms of tracks like “That’s What I Believe” and “I Do I Do” to the soulful and introspective moments found in “Great Is Your Mercy” and “Just for Me,” the album offers a diverse range of musical styles and emotions.

List Of Tracks: Live In London and More Again By Donnie McClurkin

  1. Intro
  2. That’s What I Believe
  3. Just for Me
  4. Who Would’ve Thought ft Marvin Winans
  5. Didn’t You Know
  6. I’ll Trust You, Lord
  7. Caribbean Medley
  8. Victory Chant (Hail Jesus)
  9. Psalm 27
  10. Great Is Your Mercy
  11. Lord I Lift Your Name On High
  12. We Fall Down
  13. We Fall Down (Reprise/Altar Call)
  14. I Do I Do