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Donnie McClurkin – Some Children See Him


Donnie McClurkin’s rendition of “Some Children See Him” is a beloved holiday song that captures the essence of warmth, love, and unity. Originally released in 2018, this heartwarming track showcases McClurkin’s remarkable vocal talents and his commitment to spreading a message of inclusivity and acceptance during the holiday season.

Donnie McClurkin, a renowned gospel singer and minister from America, is known for his soul-stirring performances. With “Some Children See Him,” he demonstrates his artistry and dedication to infusing music with love and joy.

The lyrics of “Some Children See Him,” written by Alfred Burt and Wihla Hutson, invite listeners to embrace the various ways in which different children perceive the birth of Jesus. McClurkin’s interpretation adds a gospel touch to the song, infusing it with passion and reverence. Through his powerful vocals, he encourages us to appreciate the beauty in each child’s unique perspective, regardless of their ethnicity, background, or culture.

Released under the Camdon Music, LLC imprint, in exclusive collaboration with Provident Label Group LLC, operating as RCA Inspiration, “Some Children See Him” represents a collective effort by esteemed music entities to ensure its widespread impact.

This holiday gem resonates with listeners by reminding them that the true meaning of the holiday season lies in love and understanding. McClurkin’s heartfelt delivery and the song’s tender melodies evoke a sense of unity that transcends boundaries and brings people together.

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Some Children See Him Lyrics By Donnie McClurkin

Some children see Him lily white
The baby Jesus born this night
Some children see Him as lily white
With tresses soft and fair

Some children see Him bronzed and brown
The Lord of Heaven to earth come down
Some children see Him bronzed and brown
With dark and heavy hair

Some children see Him almond-eyed
This baby whom we kneel beside
Some children see Him almond-eyed
With skin of golden hue

Some children see Him dark as they
Sweet Mary’s Son to whom we pray
Those children see Him dark as they
And oh they love Him too

The children in each different place
Will see the baby Jesus face
Like theirs, but with a Heavenly grace
And filled with holy light

Oh lay aside these earthly things
And with thy heart as an offering, Lord
Come worship now the Heavenly King
‘Tis love that’s born

Away in the manger, no crib for this babe
‘Tis love that’s born tonight