Download All Dr. Dale Arthur Fife Books [PDF] - Free Download

Download All Dr. Dale Arthur Fife Books [PDF] – Free Download

Dr. Dale Arthur Fife is a best-selling author, pastor, gifted teacher, and musician with an insatiable passion for intimacy with God. His zeal for the Lord has led him on an incredible journey from his first pastorate of a small rural church in a coal-mining town outside of Johnstown, PA, to the co-founding of a large multiracial inner-city church in Pittsburgh. His five decades of ministry experience includes church planting on several continents, establishing an orphanage in India, and consulting with business and church leaders globally. Because of the increasing requests for mentoring and ministry relationships from others, Dale founded Mountain Top Global Ministries, a network of pastors, ministries, businesses and leaders with local, regional, and international impact. 


Please NOTE that this books are no longer available here.

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