DOWNLOAD Hollyn - Mood Swings | MP3, Lyrics

DOWNLOAD Hollyn – Mood Swings | MP3, Lyrics

Download Hollyn Mood Swings mp3 audio

Eminent singer Hollyn released a new illustrious track titled “Mood Swings” along with its video performance.

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Lyrics: Hollyn – Mood Swings

Wind moves in
I can feel it shaping
The way I feel
Feels so real to me

Know what I want
At least I thought that I did
Maybe I don’t know
Well there I go again

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Second guessing
Is my second language
Cause now I can’t focus
On what I’ve been chasing
Are my expectations just hallucinations?
I guess my dreams are in a mood swing

Mood swing
With my dreams

Highs and lows
All this back and forth is
Out of my control
It’s nothing new to me

This don’t
Feel right
I need sunlight
To follow me
I didn’t
Used to be
Full of anxiety

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