[DOWNLOAD MP3] Michael Stuckey – “Iwo Loba”

Michael Stuckey - Iwo LobaMichael Stuckey releases another single titled Iwo Lobameaning You’re My King.
[DOWNLOAD MP3] Michael Stuckey – "Iwo Loba"
Gospel’s newest contemporary Worship Artist, Michael Stuckey, has a classic sound with some “old school swag”.
His music is set to take radio by storm! Track such as, “Iwo Loba” is Michael’s greatest song ever written thus far.  While traveling throughout Africa from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. Michael received a great importation from God. He had written a song in another language. God spoke to Stuckey during the day while in Accra Ghana “ Who Am I” ? Michael then said “Your My King” IWO LOBA
Michael Stuckey emerged in the mid-2010s with a fresh spin on traditional gospel, livening up old-fashioned church music with bright, soulful modern elements. A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Stuckey first came to prominence as the lead singer for Ricky Dillard & New “G.” While performing with the group, he also managed and founded The Glass Awards, Canada’s first gospel awards show. In 2017, he set out on his own as a solo artist with the assignment to bring THE GLORY back to the office of Worshipper.
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