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Frank Edwards – Frankincense [Full Album]


Download Frank Edwards Frankincense Album: The renowned Nigerian gospel artist, Frank Edwards, has made a huge impact in the music industry with his groundbreaking album, “Frankincense.” This studio masterpiece was released in 2016 and features 12 awe-inspiring tracks that are sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

Frank Edwards’ unique sound and powerful lyrics are on full display in this album, which was published under his record label, Rocktown Records. The album also features collaborations with other notable gospel greats, including Micah Stampley, Chinyere Udoma, Nathaniel Bassey, and the American singer Don Moen.

“Frankincense” have gotten widespread reception upon its release, with fans and music industry experts alike raving about its high-quality production and emotionally charged lyrics. The album also achieved a remarkable feat by topping the iTunes album chart, outpacing albums by some of the biggest names in the music world, just hours after its release.

Lastly, “Frankincense” collection is an absolute must-listen for gospel music fans and anyone who appreciates powerful and uplifting music. Don’t miss out on this outstanding album by Frank Edwards and experience his incredible tribute to God.

List of Tracks: Frankincense Album By Frank Edwards

Track Number Tracks
1. Frankincense
2. I Love You
3. Agam Enye Gi Ekele
4. I’ll Forever Sing
5. Only You Are Holy
6. Onye
7. Nara Ekele
8. If God Be For Me
9. Ka Anyi Bulie
10. Ebenebe
11. Oyoyo
12. Baba
13. Ibuchi
14. Ayaya
15. Heaven On Earth
16. Gratitude
17. Na You
18. Nye Ya Ekele
19. Don’t Cry
20. Onye Mmeri
21. Oyege