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Gaither Vocal Band – Give It Away [Full Album]


“Give It Away” by the Gaither Vocal Band is a timeless gospel album that continues to inspire and uplift listeners even years after its release in 2006. With 15 soul-stirring songs that span a duration of 59 minutes, this album is a testament to the group’s remarkable talent and dedication to spreading messages of faith and love through their music. The title track, “Give It Away,” sets the tone for the entire album, encouraging us to share our blessings with others and embrace the spirit of generosity.

Each song on this album tells a unique story, drawing from themes of faith, hope, and love. From the heartfelt “He Touched Me” to the uplifting “The Love of God,” the Gaither Vocal Band’s powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics are sure to leave a lasting impact. “Give It Away” is not just an album; it’s a musical journey that reminds us of the importance of faith, love, and giving back to the world.

List Of Tracks: Give It Away Album By Gaither Vocal Band

1. Bread Upon The Water

2. I Catch ‘Em God Cleans ‘Em

3. Jesus Loves Me

4. I’ll Tell It Wherever I Go

5. My Journey To The Sky

6. Through

7. The Glorious Impossible

8. Worthy Is The Lamb

9. Eagle Song

10. Love Can Turn The World

11. Child Forgiven

12. Why Me

13. I Will Go On

14. Place Called Hope

15. Give It Away