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Gaither Vocal Band – Sometimes It Takes A Mountain [Full Album]


In the bustling world of music, there are albums that stand as pillars of comfort and inspiration. The Gaither Vocal Band’s 2014 release, “Sometimes It Takes A Mountain,” is undeniably one of those treasures. With its harmonious melodies and heartfelt lyrics, the album’s 14 songs take listeners on a soulful journey that resonates deeply. The veteran vocal group, led by the legendary Bill Gaither, delivers a collection that blends gospel, contemporary Christian, and country influences, creating a seamless fusion that uplifts spirits and brings solace.

Clocking in at 57 minutes, the album is a tapestry of musical excellence and spiritual reflection. The title track, “Sometimes It Takes A Mountain,” sets the tone with its stirring message about overcoming life’s challenges and finding strength in faith. The Gaither Vocal Band’s signature harmonies shine in tracks like “You Brought Us Out,” a celebration of divine guidance, and “When Fear Comes Knocking,” a reassuring reminder of God’s unwavering presence. Each song weaves a narrative of hope and redemption, with heartfelt performances that are both poignant and powerful. “Sometimes It Takes A Mountain” isn’t just an album; it’s a source of comfort and inspiration that invites listeners to bask in the assurance that they’re not alone on life’s journey.

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1. Jesus Gave Me Water

2. We Are Coming Home At Last

3. Sometimes It Takes A Mountain

4. Happy Rhythm

5. Resurrection

6. The Night Before Easter

7. That’s When The Angels Rejoice

8. Written In Red

9. Let It Start In Me

10. When Fear Comes Knockin’

11. Peace In The Valley

12. You Brought Us Out

13. Praises

14. Heaven Came Down