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Legendary gospel music singer James Fortune unveils a new powerful track dubbed “Nobody Like Jesus ” along with its video performance.

“Nobody Like Jesus ” is a great song that definitely deserves a spot on your playlist if you are a lover & fan of gospel songs.

James Fortune is a colossal gospel music soloist whose portfolio wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the Grace of God to be a blessing as in dropping this renowned and career-changing song, Nobody Like Jesus.

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Just as the scripture says “They go from strength to strength, until each appears before God in Zion.”

As you listen to Nobody Like Jesus by James Fortune you will be changed into his image with ever-increasing glory.

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Lyrics: James Fortune – Nobody Like Jesus

May we have your attention, because—
Let me tell you about a man (Aw, yeah, oh, God)
Who knows all of my flaws but still loves me (Loves me)
Let me introduce you to this man (Mhm)
Who will never bring your past up again
If you’re not too busy
Do you have a minute to listen? (Ooh)
About the one who can replace all that’s missin’ (I can’t really put it into words, but there’s just—)
And there’s just something about (I don’t know everything, but I know this)
I know that I cannot live without Him (We wanna tell you about Him, He’s our healer)
He’s my healer
My savior (My way maker)
My way maker (My joy)
My joy (My joy)
My provider (Strong tower)
My strong tower (But most importantly)
And He gave his life for me (His name)
His name is Jesus (Jesus, so sweet)
Sweet Jesus (Sweet Jesus, I’ve met a lot of great people, but I’ve realized)
There’s nobody like Jesus (Nobody like Jesus, because when I’m sick, he’s my healer)
He’s my healer (Drownin’ in my sins)
My savior (Way maker)
My way maker (Way maker)
My joy (I didn’t have a job)
My provider (But he provided for me)
My strong tower (But most importantly)
And he gave his life for me (There’s only one name)
His name is Jesus (Oh, sweet Jesus)
Sweet Jesus (There’s nobody)
There’s nobody like Jesus (There’s nobody, haha, nobody, Lisa)
Sweet (Sweet) Jesus (Jesus)
Jesus (I’ve met a lot of great people, but I realized there’s nobody like Jesus)
There’s nobody like Jesus (Come on, Lisa)
Oh, ain’t nobody like Jesus (Mm), yeah (Nobody)
There’s nobody like Jesus
I remember my grandmama told me
He’ll be a friend for the friendless (Yeah)
He’ll be a company keeper in the midnight hour (Yes, He will)
There’s nobody like Jesus
And every time I have a burden that I can’t seem to bear
I found out that I can call on Jesus
There’s nobody like Jesus
If you call this man (Jesus)
Your body can be healed (Jesus)
Your soul can be saved
Nobody like him
There’s nobody like Jesus
In the name of Jesus (Jesus)
He’ll redeem us, yeah (Jesus)
Every tongue must confess, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Nobody like Jesus
More I count on Him (Jesus)
The better I feel (Jesus)
Things start to change (Everything starts to change), yeah
There’s nobody like Jesus
There’s nobody like Jesus (Nobody, Jesus)
Ohh (Jesus, Jesus)
Hey, yeah (Jesus)
Nobody (There’s nobody)
Nobody like Jesus
Somebody say, “Yeah” (Somebody say, “Yeah”)
Somebody say, “Yeah” (Somebody say, “Yeah”, yeah)

About this masterpiece

Fecund Gospel music minister, and multi-talented envoy of God, drops this latest masterpiece amazingly JustGospel have it for you to download this year 2020. As a commentary on this masterpiece, JustGospel Media says: "It is a Gospel piece God gave during a fellowship moment, which reminds us of a privilege we have received as a man to call him by his name “Jesus Christ” which means the the one who saves, it has blessed me in so many ways and I pray it blesses you too."

A Piece Every Believer Should Have

Minister of God to men, the award-winning singer comes through with the official visual for this latest hit masterpiece. You can watch the nostalgic visual below. The multi-talented minister invites the host of Heaven to join us on the release of this piece. This is a Gospel piece that talks about God’s love and the desire to get drenched in it, it’s a cry every Christian can relate with. It is a demonstration that acknowledges God as the all-powerful and incomparable One with the ultimate authority.

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