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Legendary gospel music singers Joyous Celebration unveils a new powerful track dubbed “Kuregerera in Advance” along with its video performance.

“Kuregerera in Advance” is a great song that definitely deserves a spot on your playlist if you are a lover & fan of gospel songs.

Joyous Celebration is a colossal gospel music team whose portfolio wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the Grace of God to be a blessing as in dropping this renowned and career-changing song, Kuregerera in Advance.

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Just as the scripture says “They go from strength to strength, until each appears before God in Zion.”

As you listen to ‘Kuregerera in Advance’ by Joyous Celebration you will be changed into his image with ever-increasing glory.

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Lyrics: Joyous Celebration – Kuregerera in Advance

Handidi ini kufa ne BP
Ndigotadza kupinda denga
Nekuda kwekusaregerera
Mweya wangu wonanga Gehenna
Kwete, ndinokuregerera
Ishe vakandiregerera wo
Saka ndato kuregerera
Kuregerera in advance

Zvauri iwe mudiwa wangu
Ndinozviziva uchanditadzira
Saka ndatokuregerera
Kuregerera in advance
Ndiwe zvako uripa WhatsApp
Uchingo flirter nevamwe
Moyo wangu urikurwadza
Asi ndinokuregerera
Babie ndinokuregera
Ishe vakandiregerera
Saka ndatokuregerera
Kuregerera in advance

Mummy, mummy, ndinokuregerera
Ndakanzinzva makambondirasa, kundirasira mu bhini
Ini ndikudai mummy ishe vakandiregerera wo
Saka ndinokuregererai kuregerera in advance
Daddy daddy
Daddy daddy hatisati tambosangana ka
Asi ndinokudai daddy, uye ndinokuregererai
Ndakanzinzva makaramba numbu Ishe vakandiregerera wo
Saka ndinokuregererai
Kuregerera in advance
Zvamuri imi vana vesangano
Ndinozviziva muchanditaura
Ndino zviziva muchandinyeya
He mufundisi varikuba Mari
Mufundisi havasisina power
Mufundisi havasisina Shoko
Mukadzi wavo hagoni kupfeka
Asi ndinokuregerera
Church ndinokuregerera
Ishe vakandiregerera
Saka ndinokuregerera
Kuregerera in advance

Nhai Mwari we
Nhai Mwari we

Dzidzisai Moyo kuregerera
Moyo ngaudzidze kuregerera

Pandakakutadzirai Mwari
Makandipa 2nd chance
Mukandipa 3rd chance
Ndikanyepa mukati 4th chance
Ndokutadza zve mukati 5th chance
Mukati thousand, million, billion, trillion, zillion chances!

About this masterpiece

Fecund Gospel music minister, and multi-talented envoy of God, drops this latest masterpiece amazingly JustGospel have it for you to download this year 2020. As a commentary on this masterpiece, JustGospel Media says: "It is a Gospel piece God gave during a fellowship moment, which reminds us of a privilege we have received as a man to call him by his name “Jesus Christ” which means the the one who saves, it has blessed me in so many ways and I pray it blesses you too."

A Piece Every Believer Should Have

Minister of God to men, the award-winning singer comes through with the official visual for this latest hit masterpiece. You can watch the nostalgic visual below. The multi-talented minister invites the host of Heaven to join us on the release of this piece. This is a Gospel piece that talks about God’s love and the desire to get drenched in it, it’s a cry every Christian can relate with. It is a demonstration that acknowledges God as the all-powerful and incomparable One with the ultimate authority.

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