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Legendary gospel music singer Rubinsky Rbk unveils a new powerful track dubbed “Del King” along with its video performance.

“Del King” is a great song that definitely deserves a spot on your playlist if you are a lover & fan of gospel songs.

Rubinsky Rbk is a colossal gospel music soloist whose portfolio wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the Grace of God to be a blessing as in dropping this renowned and career-changing song, Del King.

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Just as the scripture says “They go from strength to strength, until each appears before God in Zion.”

As you listen to ‘Del King’ by Rubinsky Rbk you will be changed into his image with ever-increasing glory.

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Lyrics: Rubinsky Rbk – Del King

I have realized that bad people, that sometimes naivety pays off,
That the one who is closest is the one who shoots you,
If you have real people hug them,
Because real and loyal people are hard to find.
I am different that although we all make mistakes,
the difference is that not all of us learn from mistakes,
As a consequence we see that we more or less grow,
with patience despite circumstances we do not faint,
I understood that God does not see us as we see ourselves,
Nothing I do will cause GOD to love me less,
I was rescued and persecuted wounded in my poison,
Until I understood that by myself I did nothing good,
Neither my rap nor my poetry, nor my prestige,
My abrupt dispute in this world and its eternal litigation,
Living a nuisance until I understood that he chose me,
Before the prodigal son, now I am the prodigal son.
No one is exempt from committing sin,
Nobody is so clean that they do not need to be cleaned,
No one is so perfect that they don’t need your hand,
And that’s why I love him
They taught us to give size and color to sin,
They taught us to pretend that everything is good while being bad,
but we were not taught to restore the brother,
Nor that love covers a multitude of sin,
pretend with clothes,
And they forgot that the mouth speaks out of the abundance of the heart,
If you who are mature and see your brother fall,
He goes and helps him because I assure you that misfortune falls to anyone,
They talk about freedom living in dungeons,
Condemned to the vanity of a vicious circle,
But imagine if they are not faithful to their husband,
How are you going to be faithful to the Almighty,
But I’m the one they see badly, the one ignored,
The same as the prophet when he had prophesied,
The same as Jesus when he extended to them
his hand,
And you the same people who shout that cry crucify him.
God is the one who redeems, and he gives prompt response,
God who exempts and removes from you the shame,
Lord hide me under your immense wings,
And at the beginning pay the reward of him.
That you can have Gucci or Prada and expensive brands,
But what good is it to you if your face is still sad,
They do not compare if God is the one who protects,
If his word at my feet is a lamp,
They put themselves in order, because they know what he has in store for him,
The real success that from the king nothing separates him,
I, living an eternal present,
The one who inhabits Chi the shadow of the omnipotent.

I admit that I have made a thousand mistakes,
The good ignore the bad value,
And it doesn’t mean that I doubt, I sought God and asked him,
What would happen to me? Where were you my friends?
But he told me to calm down, because you are still,
I’m still a son of the King

About this masterpiece

Fecund Gospel music minister, and multi-talented envoy of God, drops this latest masterpiece amazingly JustGospel have it for you to download this year 2020. As a commentary on this masterpiece, JustGospel Media says: "It is a Gospel piece God gave during a fellowship moment, which reminds us of a privilege we have received as a man to call him by his name “Jesus Christ” which means the the one who saves, it has blessed me in so many ways and I pray it blesses you too."

A Piece Every Believer Should Have

Minister of God to men, the award-winning singer comes through with the official visual for this latest hit masterpiece. You can watch the nostalgic visual below. The multi-talented minister invites the host of Heaven to join us on the release of this piece. This is a Gospel piece that talks about God’s love and the desire to get drenched in it, it’s a cry every Christian can relate with. It is a demonstration that acknowledges God as the all-powerful and incomparable One with the ultimate authority.

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