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Renowned American Christian rapper, Jon Keith thrills the fans with another beautiful melody “Die”.

Known for his unique voice and style of music, Jon Keith shares a new piece of melody “Die” with the fans. It was recorded and released in 2023 and has started making a tremendous trend in America. “Die” rises off his new studio album “Eremos”.
Jon Keith released his 2023 studio album “Eremos” after the successful release of “SUMMERTIME IN THE VLLG (2021)”. The new offering was released through RMG Amplify (under an exclusive license from Jon Keith).

Eremos is another great and well-curated body of work that is made of Hip-hop and Dance. It houses a number of seventeen tracks and features guest appearances from nobigdyl, KB, Andy Mineo, 1K Phew, Aaron Cole, Parris Chariz, Torey D’Shaun, Lecrae, Wande, Shua, and Jude Barclay whose services are highly and generally acknowledged.

Taken from the album, the song “Die” appeared as the 1st and one of the most lovely tracks that will surely be worth a place in your music playlist… Listen, download and share with others below!!!

You can’t afford to miss out on a chance to enjoy this soul-lifting song Listen, Download Jon Keith – Die Audio & Don’t forget to Share your thoughts using the comment box below



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Die Lyrics By Jon Keith

Where is God when I feel like takin’ my life?

[Verse 1]
Roaming, falling, I showed up late so I’m sorry
I was in the whip tryna mask up
What kinda of man gon’ cry at the party?
Nah, not me, we goin’ up
They can’t wait to involve me
I know how to get the smiles all around me
But inside I wanna die (Die, die)
Yeah, I think I wanna die (Die, die)
I should be used to this by now
My feelings talkin’ way too loud
Don’t let me in to kick me out
Don’t you pretend to love me now
Just ’cause I wanna die (Die, die)
Cause I think I wanna die (Die, die)
Cause nothin’ ever gets easier
It just don’t get easier
And I feel all alone *Gun clicks*
Life is hard
Doesn’t anybody else got a gun?
Doesn’t anybody else got a gun?
Doesn’t anybody else got a gun?
Can’t take this outside
Can’t take your feelings outside

[Verse 2]
Yeah, ain’t been up since
I ain’t even know me
I was just ten, four bros I’m between
Ain’t no us then
Can’t nobody see me sinkin’ in the ocean?
‘Boutta jump ship, yeah
Please don’t call me, I can’t take it
Don’t look at me, I’ve been fakin’
They say life is what you make it
Then tell me it’s worthless, so I try to take it
But, when they promise
Didn’t deserve it
If I’m honest, I’m still hurting
Jesus heard me, past the surface
You tryna be me, that I’m here on purpose
Does anybody think like this? (Think like this)
Does anybody feel like this? (Feel like this, feel like this)
Does anybody feel like this? (Feel like this, feel like this)
Feel like this