[Lyrics] It’s You – NG Ruth

[Lyrics] It's You – NG Ruth

The song is written and sung by NG Ruth, a talented gospel minister and worship leader based in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria. She has shared the stage with great Ministers such as Tonie Richie, Joshua Ochigbo, Moses Bliss and others. The song was given in the place of fellowship where the Holy Spirit explained why believers have not come into the full promise of God concerning their lives, being that they neglect the things of God. The song is a blessing to this generation as testimonies have been coming from listeners all over the world


Oh God it’s you
Everything is you
It’s you
Everything is you oh 2times


“Seek ye first the kingdom and His righteousness, every other thing shall be added unto you”.
Money comes from you, health comes from you. Whoever has you, has everything. Oh God It’s you. You rule the heavens. You rule the earth. You decide what happens. You decide who gets lifted. Oh God, Oh God Oh God

Oh God It’s you, everything is you oh
It’s you
Everything is you oh 2times

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This life is spiritual. You can’t cheat God. Who do you want to cheat? God? You don’t miss your business, you don’t miss your job, you don’t miss your shop but you can miss church. You can’t forsake God and have what you want. Hag 1:4 Says “My people, why should you be living in well built houses while my temple lies in ruins. Don’t you see what is happening to you? You sow so much corn but you harvest so little. What you earn is not enough to live on because I blow on it. Don’t you see what is going on in your life”? It’s because you’re not seeking God enough. You can’t stay a day without talking to God, without studying His word. Hah! He helps those who seek Him. Your relevance in this world is attached to the relevance that you place on God.

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(Message 2)
The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Everything and everybody on it. Then why is it that as christians, we are lacking, we are wanting? He has the hearts of Kings in His hands and He’ll wield them in your favour. He can even make you a king. Seek after God and men will look for you. Have favour with God and you’ll have favour with men. Be with God and men will want to be with you. Men will run after you. It’s all about God. All things are done according to His plan and decision. Nobody says a thing and it happens except God, except God. The key of life and death is in His hands. Yea! Make peace with God and men will make peace with you.

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You are all I need. You give peace, joy, you God

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