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Matthew West – My Story Your Glory [Full Album]


Download Matthew West My Story Your Glory Album: Once again, Matthew West has proven himself to be a Grammy-winning singer/songwriter, author, and musician with the release of his double-disc album, “My Story Your Glory”. This exceptional album features 22 tracks that perfectly blend pop, rock, and Christian music, showcasing West’s musical prowess.

The album is divided into two discs, “My Story” and “Your Glory”, with each disc focusing on a different theme. The first disc, “My Story”, is a collection of tracks that delve into West’s personal life experiences. On the other hand, the second disc, “Your Glory”, centers on the glory of God and how it has influenced West’s life.

The first disc, “CD1”, commences with the lively and infectious “My Story Your Glory”, setting the tone for the entire album. West takes listeners on a journey through his life, revealing his struggles, achievements, and everything in between through tracks like “Hard Season” and “The Last Song”.

The second disc, “CD2”, is a powerful assortment of worship songs, demonstrating West’s faith and devotion to God. Each track, from the exuberant “Praise The Lord (To God Be the Glory)” to the introspective “All I Need”, is a beautiful tribute to God’s glory and its impact on our lives.

Nonetheless, “My Story Your Glory” is a must-hear for enthusiasts of Christian music and anyone who values superb songwriting and storytelling. West’s talents as a songwriter and storyteller shine through in this album, and it is certain to become a classic for years to come.

List Of Tracks: My Story Your Glory Album By Matthew West

Track Number Tracks
1. My Story Your Glory
2. Hard Season
3. What A Day
4. Wonderful Life
5. Greatest Hits
6. I Need Jesus
7. While I Can
8. Before You Ask Her
9. Me Of All People
10. Imperfection
11. Future Looks Good
12. The Last Song
13. Praise The Lord (To God Be The Glory)
14. On Your Mind
15. How Good of God
16. You Changed My Name
17. Jesus Is Better
18. Maker
19. I Trust Jesus
20. Miracle Time
21. Kingdom Things
22. All I Need