[Music + Lyrics] Hope 4 Naija – Min. Nosa ft. Preshkeys

[Music + Lyrics] Hope 4 Naija - Min. Nosa ft. Preshkeys

Nigerian Gospel singer Min. Nosa is out with a new track in collaboration with Preshkeys titled “Hope 4 Naija”.

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Lyrics: Hope 4 Naija – Min. Nosa ft. Preshkeys

I love Naija
I stand for a better Naija
The giants of Africa
The land that flows with milk and honey
Green White Green is the color
Yee eee
Make we stand as one
Make we live as one
Stop the killings
Stop the bombings
Divided we fall
Together we stand
Nigeria is ours yeee ee
N. I. G. E. R. I. A. Nigeria
N. I. G. E. R. I. A. Nigeria
I love my mother land
I love Naija
I love Naija
A Better Naija
Better Naija
This is a country
This is a home
Let’s live in peace and harmonii
As long as there is life
Tomorrow will be better for us
No matter wetin you dey go through
Just keep on fighting
The sun go shine
And the rain go fall when it is time
Never you give up on yourself
Its gonna be alright
Nigeria is a better place
We are a great people (ah ah ah)
We are a great Nation (eh eh eh)
And if only we stand as one
There is hope for Naija ( uuu)
Nigeria will be a better place
And I believe there is hope for our people
We are a great people
We are one great nation
Oo we are mighty people
We are a strong people
 Eee e eee
Ye ee ee
Yee hee great people
Mighty people
Oooo oo
Our country
A land with natural endowments
Giants of Africa
If only we can stop the killings, stop the fightings, stop the bombings
I believe there is hope for Nigeria.

Connect With This Artist

Phone Numb: +2348152641900
Facebook: nosa_lov
Producer Name: Preshkeys
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