[Album] Isodotun – Sola Allyson


The original gospel singer, Sola Allison, released another great album, the new project titled “Isodotun”.

“Isodotun” is Sola Allyson’s ninth studio album, which is a collection of 9 musical acts spanning 75 minutes and entering the new season. This album is the evolution of Sola Alison, she begins the new year 2021 with a great masterpiece to lift our spirit and soul.

“Isodotun will bless your soul and your soul! He will feed you, believe me! We were praying this morning and one of the children said,” When people listen to Isodotun, they will not commit suicide … Yes! Isodotun will revive you!

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I tell you that your soul and his soul yearn to be renewed with Isodotun. I’ve had these songs for all of us who want to stay awake and stay awake, I’m the type who wants to be new every day! Sola Ellison Stock

Check out the full track list from Isodotun’s album below;

1. Agbonmagbe – Sola Allyson

2. Ife A D’ale – Sola Allyson

3. Ìjọba Rẹ Dé – Sola Allyson

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4. Ilekun Si – Sola Allyson

5. Imole – Sola Allyson

6. Imole (Version II) – Sola Allyson

7. Ìsìn – Sola Allyson

8. Iye – Sola Allyson

9. Ko S’ohun To Le – Sola Allyson