Crowder – Better Than Sunshine

Crowder – Better Than Sunshine

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Eminent gospel music singer Crowder released a new illustrious track titled “Better Than Sunshine” along with its video performance.

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Lyrics: Crowder – Better Than Sunshine

I’ve been trying to find a better way that I can explain it
I met somebody and they love me and it’s blowing my mind
Cuz they know all the places that I’ve been
But they stay with me knowing who I am
You’ll understand it once you feel it, why it’s hard to define

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It’s better than sunshine
In a summertime blue sky
The best day of your whole life
Is being born for the second time
It’s a freedom
It’s a healing
Sweeter than you’ll ever find
And it’s better than sunshine
It’s better than sunshine

You got that doubt in your eyes, it’s kinda easy to see it
Had you a couple rough years where nothing went right
So I know, yeah, I know what you’re thinking
Ain’t a person on earth that could change it
But this ain’t something from earth, this is something divine

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My Savior is better
My Jesus is better
His love is forever
It’s forever