Danny Gokey - Stand In Faith

Danny Gokey – Stand In Faith

American cosmic gospel music artist Danny Gokey released a new spirit-filled track titled “Stand In Faith” along with its video performance. Danny Gokey is known with a traceable scorecard of spirit-filled tracks in recent times, I trust this song “Stand In Faith” will bless your soul.

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Lyrics: Danny Gokey – Stand In Faith

Can’t escape disappointment
Can’t avoid the delay
But I don’t have to make feeling down and defeated the place that I stay
Gonna rise to the moment
Gonna speak to the waves
Gonna push back the doubt that keeps dragging me down when I can’t find the way

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Don’t need to see it (eyes on You)
To believe it (for my breakthrough)
Before You even move or make a way

I will stand in faith (eyes on You)
Walk by faith (for my breakthrough)
Live by faith (before You move)
I believe, I believe, I believe
Stand in faith (eyes on You)
See by faith (for my breakthrough)
Receive by faith (before You move)
I believe, I believe, I believe

It’s a season for healing
It’s a season for change
To see miracles happen that no one can fathom as heaven invades
It’s more than a feeling
And it’s anchored in praise
And when it’s the darkest it reaches the farthest and opens the way

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This is how blind men get their sight
This is how dead men start to rise
This is how small things multiply
Nothing’s impossible
Nothing’s impossible
This is where oceans have to part
This is where light cuts through the dark
This is where I see who You are
Nothing’s impossible
Nothing’s impossible

Stir my faith
Stir my faith