Moise Mbiye – Ye Oyo

Moise Mbiye – Ye Oyo

Moise Mbiye is a Congolese Gospel singer-songwriter and pastor at Cite Bethel Church in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is out with a new soul-lifting track titled “Ye Oyo,”.

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Lyrics: Moise Mbiye – Ye Oyo

Yesu naye epayi na Yo ( I come before You, Jesus)
Naye nga moko te (I do not come alone)
Moto na memi epayi na Yo (I present to You a person)
Motema elingi ye (Whom my heart loves)
Nayebi aza na ba faiblesse (I know they have weaknesses)
Qui me fait mal au cœur (That hurts my heart)
Qui fait mal à la tête (That hurts Your head)
Mais nakuti epayi na ye (But in her/him I find)
Quelque chose de bien (Something good)
Qui m’attire tellement (That attracts me so much)

Nasengi O sala ye ngolu (I pray that you help)
Bisika abandaki kokueya (Where they are failing)
Ekoma point fort naye (Become their point of strength)
Motema elingi ye (Because my heart loves them)

Ye oyo (Here he is)
Bolingo nanga, ye oyo (Here is my love)
Nalotaki yango na ndoto (That I dreamed of)
Losambo efuti pe nga yo (My prayer paid off)
Ye oyo (Here she is)
Kobomba esili, ye oyo (There are no hiding, here she is)
Ata ba mbonge, ye oyo eh (It does not matter the storms, here he is)
Elamba yango yango oyo (My wedding dress, here it is)

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Famille ko! ko! ko! (To my family, tick-tock)
Moto bomoni pembeni eh (The one you see beside me)
Nde moto agagné match oyo (Is the one who won this match)
Losambo efuti pe ngayi oh (My prayers paid off)
Nalingi bino (I love You)
Ye pe nalingi ye mingi eh (And them too, I love her/him a lot)
Aza motuya pona ngayi eh (They are precious to me)
Bosunga po towumela (Help us live long and peacefully)


Eglise ko! ko! ko! (To my church, tick tock! )
Moto bomoni pembeni eh (The one you see beside me)
Nde mbuma ya losambo nanga (Is the fruit of my prayers)
Nzambe apesi pe nga yo (God gave her/him to me)
Boyebi nalingi bino (You know that I love you)
Ye pe nalingi ye mingi eh (I love her/him too, a lot)
Aza motuya pona ngayi eh (S/He precious to me)
Bosambela to pambwama eh (Pray that God blesses us)

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Repeat: Ye Oyo (Here he is)
Moto yakotika te akende (The one you must never give up)
Ya kotika te alela (The one who shouldn’t be crying)
Moto ya kolengela (The one to protect)
Nzambe apesi (The one God provided)

Repeat: Ye Oyo (Here she is)
Moto ya komema na famille (The one to be presented to the family)
Moto ya koyokela (The one to listen to)
Mokolo nako mvuama kaka ye (When I become rich, no one else)
Moto nga nalingi (The one I love)

Repeat: Ye Oyo (Here he is)
Oh baninga boyoka eh (Oh my friends, come and listen)
Moto bolukaki eh (The one I was looking for)
Aleki bango nionso eh (S/He is the best of all)
Moto azelisa nga (The one for whom I have waited a long time)
Moto ya kopesa bolingo (To give them my love)

Repeat: Ye Oyo (Here she is)
Ya kobokola na ye bana (The one with whom to raise children)
Moto ya ba principes (The one with principles)
Motema elingi (The one my heart loves)
Aza wapi? (Where is s/he?)
Ye oyo liboso nanga (Here s/he is before me)
Aleki bango nionso (S/He is the best of all)

Merci Jésus ! (Thank You Jesus!)