[ALBUM] Feels Like Home – Israel & New Breed

Award-winning American singer, songwriter, music producer, and worship leader Israel Houghton is ready to let go of the sense of lockdown and intimate home worship sessions in his latest project, “Feels Like Home: The Quarantine Worship Experience” coming Wednesday, February 26th in digital stores.

Feels Like Home of 14 tracks will be recorded for broadcast and purchase in digital, CD and vinyl formats, and is now available for pre-order and the online track is available immediately. Building on Hutton’s idea in early 2020 to broadcast remote worship services, the Feels Like Home project is the impetus for what will become “Wednesday worship” after seeing an opportunity to explore the dynamics of collective worship and reinvent it online during the pandemic.

The “Israel and New Breed” family lives as if at home from Hutton’s sister-in-law’s home in New York in November after each member agreed to quarantine and test for COVID-19 before the gathering. Skillfully led by Hutton alongside his wife, Adrian, the team performed while sitting “on the tour”, creating a warm, improvisational relaxation reminiscent of the roots of gospel music as a religious celebration and collective experience. This includes the new single “Hymn of Breakthrough,” which is an incandescent epiphany that slowly shines for “The Sound of Breakthrough” as it reverberates throughout the group.

“New Breed celebrated our twentieth year together in 2020. And although the whole scene has changed with how we do concerts and tours, we knew it was still important for us to come together. I am grateful for the sacrifices everyone on our team made to come together and share. “This show is carefully curated. Truth be told, it was one of the most rewarding worship experiences I have ever participated in.” – Israel Houghton added.

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