Judah – Bangerz

Judah – Bangerz

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Eminent gospel music chanteuse Judah released a new illustrious track titled “Bangerz” along with its video performance.

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Lyrics: Judah – Bangerz

Boldly I come
Into His arms
With nothing to bring
But all of my heart

How could this be?
The way He looks in my eyes
All broken and crimson sin
He sees only white

I can’t do anything
To gain what He’s done

He just loves me
‘Cause He loves me
‘Cause He loves me
Just because He does

Tired and afraid
Forgotten what’s paid
So I’ll hide in my shame
Like an orphan in chains

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I ran from my promise
But it’s never enough
Cause my walls and my mountains
Always ran out of luck

I can’t do anything
To deserve what He’s done

I’m His beloved
I am His friend
His love has no limit
From beginning to end

No angel or demon will ever separate
Me from His goodness and His wonderful gaze

So let me remind you
Of all that He’s done

He just loves you ‘cause He loves you ‘cause He loves you just because He does

You are His favorite
You are His friend
No weapon against you
Ever stands a chance
Not heaven or hell nor darkness or light
Will ever deny you of His wonderful smile
So I won’t be silent
It’s too good to be true

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He just loves you ‘cause He loves you ‘cause He loves you ‘cause He loves you