You Deserve It All - David Funk

You Deserve It All – David Funk

Bethel Music gospel music singer David Funk released a new spirit-filled track titled “You Deserve It All” along with its video performance.

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Lyrics: You Deserve It All – David Funk

Found in Your name the power to save
With only a whisper mountains shake
Jesus, our hope and strength
You made a way, unlocked these chains
Here in Your presence strongholds break
Freed by the love You gave

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We give You the highest praise
You deserve it all, You deserve it all

There on a tree merciful King
Broken and shamed for all to see
The Father laid down His Son
From darkness to light
Death lost to life
Heaven and earth will join and sing
Jesus has overcome

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With every breath that’s in my lungs
My heart cries out to You belongs
The glory
Through every loss or victory
My soul will rise to only bring
You glory