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Paul Wilbur – Roar From Zion [Full Album]


In 2019, Paul Wilbur, a renowned worship leader and recording artist, released his exceptional album ‘Roar From Zion.’ This captivating collection of 18 songs showcases Wilbur’s passion for worship and his heart for God’s people. Distributed by Venture3 Media, Inc and imprinting his own ministry, Paul Wilbur Ministries, the album takes listeners on a powerful journey of praise, intercession, and declaration.

From the stirring opening track to the final notes, ‘Roar From Zion’ celebrates the presence of God. Wilbur’s music creates an atmosphere where listeners can experience the manifest presence of the Lord. The album invites individuals to join in the chorus of adoration and to encounter God’s transformative power in their lives.

‘Roar From Zion’ exhibits a diverse range of musical styles, drawing inspiration from various cultures and genres. From joyful and energetic rhythms to soul-stirring ballads, the album offers a rich tapestry of sounds that resonates with a broad audience. Wilbur skillfully weaves together elements of contemporary worship, traditional hymns, and Messianic melodies, resulting in a unique and captivating musical experience.

Paul Wilbur’s ‘Roar From Zion’ album is a powerful journey of worship and declaration. Through its anointed music, diverse styles, and unifying message of faith, the album invites listeners to encounter God’s presence and join in the chorus of adoration. Released under Paul Wilbur Ministries and distributed by Venture3 Media, Inc, ‘Roar From Zion’ continues to impact lives, empowering believers to worship, intercede, and proclaim God’s goodness and glory.

List Of Tracks: Roar From Zion Album By Paul Wilbur

  1. Prologue – Roar from Zion Overture
  2. Roar from Zion
  3. Song of Victory
  4. Adonai
  5. B’Elohim / Forever Amen
  6. It Is Good to Praise the Lord
  7. Water (Spoken Word)
  8. The King Is Coming ft Beckah Shae
  9. You Are Holy ft Joshua Aaron
  10. Your Love Is Far Better
  11. Invitation (Spoken Word)
  12. Even So
  13. Endless ft Shae Wilbur
  14. Jerusalem (Spoken Word)
  15. O We Praise ft Ryan, Marie Hodges
  16. 20 Years Ago (Spoken Word)
  17. Days of Elijah
  18. Great Is the Lord (Hallelujah) ft Sarah Liberman