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Paul Wilbur – Your Great Name [Full Album]


Download Paul Wilbur Your Great Name Album: Outstanding American gospel music crooner, Paul Wilbur discharges this extraordinary body of work captioned, Your Great Name, published under the imprint of Integrity Music. The project comprises 11 songs available on all music selling platforms.

From the very first notes of the album’s titular track, “Your Great Name,” listeners are enveloped in an atmosphere of pure adoration. With its soaring melodies and profound lyrics, Wilbur’s impassioned delivery sets the stage for an album filled with worshipful surrender. Each track on the album builds upon this foundation, exploring different facets of God’s character and encouraging listeners to join in the chorus of praise.

Since its release, “Your Great Name” has made a lasting impact on the Christian worship music landscape. It has become a beloved staple in congregational gatherings, inspiring countless individuals to draw closer to God through worship. The album’s enduring popularity speaks to its ability to touch hearts and transform lives, leaving a lasting imprint on the souls of those who encounter its melodies.

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List Of Tracks: Your Great Name Album By Paul Wilbur

  1. Song of Ezekiel
  2. Prepare the Way
  3. Great I Am
  4. Who Can Compare
  5. Who Is Like You
  6. Song of the Beautiful Bride
  7. Glory Come Down
  8. We Will Run / Ani Ma’amin
  9. Mighty and Glorious
  10. Nobody Like You
  11. Your Great Name