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The teachings and ministry material are based on years and years of prayer, meditating and studying the Word of God, praise and worship, and fasting. Your call might be different than Dave′s, but we can assure you, what the Holy Spirit does for one, he will do for another. He will not give Dave something He would not give you. It′s up to you to secure your foundation and build on it through the grace and power of God, but we′ll give you all we can.
Are you new to the ministry? Start by reading the book, The Walk of the Spirit—The Walk of Power or by listening to the companion teaching series of the same name. Then listen to The Born Again Trail, volumes I and II; Tongues for the Believer; The Basics of Prayer; and The Love Walk.
If you have listened to Dave′s teachings and have already read the book, start meditating on the prophecies. You will sense the anointing while listening to them and you will find much depth while reading them.


Marriage,divorce and Children by Dave Roberson

NewTeaching Series From Dave Roberson

The Walk of Power – Dave Roberson Ministries 

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