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John Eckhardt is called to impart and activate the gifts of theSpirit in order to raise up strong ministries in the body ofChrist. He is dedicated to perfecting the saints and trainingministers to fulfill the call of God on their lives.


50 Truths Concerning Apostolic  – John Eckhardt

Belial – The Wicked Ruler

Crusaders Church

Daily Declarations for Spiritual warfare

Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare manual

God Still Speaks

God’s Covenant With You for Delivrance

God’s Covenant With You for You

Identifying and Breaking Curses

Let Us Alone_ The Cry of Demons

Loose Thyself

Marine Demons

Ministry Anointing of the Apostle

Momentum, the Key to Victory

Moving in the Apostolic

Ordinary People, Extraordinary 

Prayers That Activate Blessings

Prayers That Bring Healing

Prayers That Move Mountains

Prayers That Release Heaven on Earth

Prayers that Rout Demons

Prophecy with Laying on of Hand

Proton Believers

Rebuilding the Tabernacle of David

Releasing God’s Power Through laying on

The Invisible King and His King

The Ministry Anointing of the Apostle

The Prophetic Flow

The Shamar Prophet

The Truth About Homosexuality

Women’s Daily Declarations 


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Gospel Songs