Download All Kobus Van Rensburg Books [PDF] – Free Download

Download All Kobus Van Rensburg Books [PDF] - Free Download

Kobus Van Rensburg (24 October 1952 – 21 December 2013) was a South African preacher, author, public speaker, and televangelist. He was the founder of Spirit Word ministries. Kobus Van Rensburg was known for his firm belief that the Word of God is power in itself, and must be explained by the Word and not by man’s theories, imaginations, world news reports and events.

Van Rensburg claimed to have seen thousands of documented Miracles, Healings, Signs and Wonders, and also that he died 7 times and came back from the dead. Kobus Van Rensburg also believed according to the bible that people can be prosperous by practicing biblical and financial principles e.g. tithing, giving offerings, and having faith.


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