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Praiz Singz – Journey To The Deep (Prayer Chants) [Full Album]


Download Praiz Singz Journey To The Deep (Prayer Chants) Album: With this remarkable studio album, Journey To The Deep (Prayer Chants), renowned gospel music performer Pariz Singz delights millions of listeners. It consists of fourteen soul-stirring tunes without any cameo appearances. In the year 2023, Praise Green Records issued it for release.

Pariz Singz has impacted millions of individuals worldwide as a talented vocalist and acclaimed worship leader. You may listen to Journey To The Deep (Prayer Chants) from beginning to end without missing a beat. The album is below.

Praiz Singz is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and vocal coach known for his soulful and R&B style of music. Praiz Singz developed a passion for music at a young age.

He began singing in church and participated in various talent shows and competitions, which helped hone his skills as a vocalist. Praiz Singz continued to pursue music as a hobby.

List Of Tracks: Journey To The Deep (Prayer Chants) Album By Praiz Singz

  1. Eyes of the Spirit Chant (Prayer Chant)
  2. Ayayaya (Prayer Chant)
  3. Maranatha (Prayer Chant)
  4. Adonai (Prayer Chant)
  5. Living Water (Prayer Chant)
  6. There is a Place (Prayer Chant)
  7. Soaked (Prayer Chant)
  8. Better Than Life (Prayer Chant)
  9. Blessed Are You (Prayer Chant)
  10. Ah Ah Ah (Prayer Chant)
  11. Hunger (Prayer Chant)
  12. Iyo (Prayer Chant)
  13. Help Me Never To Betray You (Prayer Chant)
  14. Spirit Call (Prayer Charge)