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Psalmist Raine – Refresh Worship Live II: For the Nations [Full Album]


Download Psalmist Rain and Refresh Worship live Album Refresh Worship Live II: For the Nations: Brilliant American gospel singer and songwriter named Psalmist Raine unveiled another stunning body of work termed “Refresh Worship Live II: For the Nations”.

The album “Refresh Worship Live II: For the Nations” comes with 24 well-crafted songs which were specially curated and formulated by Psalmist Raine, a renowned American gospel singer and songwriter. All the songs in this album is set to bless your heart as you listen to them one after another.

List of Tracks: Refresh Worship Live II: For the Nations by Psalmist Raine

1. Intro (Live) DOWNLOAD
2. Minstrels’ Overture (Live) DOWNLOAD
3. King of Glory (Live) DOWNLOAD
4. We Send up Praise (Remix) [Live] DOWNLOAD
5. Pour / Flow Out (Live) DOWNLOAD
6. No Lack / River Flows (Live) DOWNLOAD
7. Cisterns (Live) [feat. Dee Wilson] DOWNLOAD
8. Here We Are (Remix) [Live] DOWNLOAD
9. Spirit of God (Live) DOWNLOAD
10. Prophetic Release I (Live) [feat. Prophetess Sophia Ruffin] DOWNLOAD
11. Prophetic Release II (Live) [feat. Apostle Christopher Montgomery] DOWNLOAD 
12. Prophetic Release III (Live) [feat. Rsaris] DOWNLOAD 
13. Prophetic Intercession (Live) [feat. Prophetess Sharde Martin] DOWNLOAD 
14. Nations (Live) DOWNLOAD 
15. Give You Glory (Flow) [Live] DOWNLOAD 
16. Prophetic Intercession & Decree (Live) DOWNLOAD 
17. Exhortation (Live) [feat. Apostle Bryan Meadows] DOWNLOAD 
18. Dig It Out (Live) [feat. Apostle Bryan Meadows] DOWNLOAD 
19. Grave Diggers (Live) [feat. Erick David Townsend] DOWNLOAD 
20. Yes to the Call (Live) DOWNLOAD 
21. Believers’ Journey / Come & Follow Me (Live) [feat. Dee Wilson] DOWNLOAD 
22. Our Response (Yes Lord) [Live] DOWNLOAD 
23. Minstrel’s Outro (Live) DOWNLOAD 
24. Kingdom Advancement (Bonus Track) [Live] DOWNLOAD