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Shekinah Glory Ministry – Worship [Full Album]


“Shekinah Glory Ministry’s album ‘Worship,’ released in 2012, is a divine masterpiece that takes listeners on a spiritual journey like no other. With 11 soul-stirring songs, this album spans over an hour, allowing ample time for worshipers to immerse themselves in the ethereal atmosphere created by the talented group. From the moment you hit play, you’ll be transported to a place of reverence and awe as the powerful melodies and heartfelt lyrics wash over you.

“Each song on ‘Worship’ carries a unique message and offers a distinct musical experience, making it a versatile choice for various worship settings. Whether you’re seeking solace in quiet reflection or rejoicing in the congregation, this album has something for everyone. Shekinah Glory Ministry’s devotion to their craft and their faith is palpable in every song, making ‘Worship’ a timeless treasure for anyone looking to connect with their spiritual side through music. Released almost a decade ago, this album continues to touch the hearts of listeners worldwide, reminding us of the power of worship and the beauty of musical expression in praising the divine.”

List Of Tracks: Worship Album By Shekinah Glory Ministry

1. Fall On Me

2. Worship, Honor and Love

3. All Hail The King

4. All Hail The King (Reprise)

5. Worship Medley: I Worship You in the Spirit

6. I Embrace You

7. Father Me (Intro)

8. Father Me

9. Father Me (Reprise)

10. Praise Is What I Do

11. Praise Is What I Do (Reprise)