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The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir – Be Glad [Full Album]


In the realm of gospel music, few names shine as brightly as The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. Their 2001 masterpiece, “Be Glad,” stands as a testament to the group’s ability to uplift spirits and bring a sense of joyous unity through their harmonious melodies. Comprising 11 tracks, the album is a delightful journey through powerful vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and a captivating blend of traditional and contemporary gospel styles.

Released on December 12, 2001, under the Brooklyn Tabernacle Music label, “Be Glad” radiates with the choir’s signature passion and dedication. The album opens a window to a world where faith and music intertwine, carrying listeners on an emotional rollercoaster. From soul-stirring ballads that tug at heartstrings to energetic anthems that inspire toe-tapping, the choir’s dynamic range is showcased throughout. Each track is a reminder of the transformative power of music, as The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s harmonious voices weave tales of hope, gratitude, and spiritual strength. Whether you’re seeking solace or simply looking to immerse yourself in uplifting melodies, “Be Glad” offers an enriching listening experience that transcends time and genre, reminding us all to find joy even in life’s most challenging moments.

List Of Tracks: Be Glad Album By The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

1. Be Glad ft Nicole Binion

2. Goodness of the Lord ft Karen Melendez Rampersad

3. He’s God ft Taneika Duggan

4. He Reigns Forever

5. My Life Is in Your Hands

6. We Bless Your Name ft Wanda Brickner

7. It Was a Great Thing ft Pam Pettway & Taneika Duggan

8. This Is How It Feels to Be Free ft Charles Allen

9. Still Doing Great Things ft Susan Quintyne

10. I Can Go to God in Prayer ft Robin Giles

11. Go Forth ft Susan Pettrey