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The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir – Declare Your Name (Live Worship) [Full Album]


The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s album “Declare Your Name (Live Worship)” stands as a vibrant and soul-stirring testament to the power of live worship music. Released on April 7, 2009, under the esteemed record label ℗ 2009 Brooklyn Tabernacle Music, this album has left an indelible mark on the world of contemporary gospel music. Renowned for their unmatched vocal prowess and fervent delivery, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir brings to life a collection of heartfelt songs that invite listeners to embark on a transformative journey of praise and worship.

With each track on “Declare Your Name (Live Worship),” The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir exudes an unparalleled sense of passion and devotion. The album’s live recording captures the energy of a dynamic worship experience, seamlessly blending rich harmonies and powerful instrumentation. The songs reflect a diverse range of emotions and spiritual themes, from exuberant celebrations of faith to introspective moments of introspection. Whether it’s the soaring melodies or the heartfelt lyrics, the choir’s ability to connect with audiences on a deep, emotional level sets this album apart as a true masterpiece of live worship.

“Declare Your Name (Live Worship)” not only showcases the choir’s extraordinary musicality but also serves as a vessel for genuine spiritual connection. The album’s release marked a milestone in the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s legacy, leaving an indelible impact on both devoted worshippers and casual listeners. As the choir fervently leads listeners in declarations of praise, gratitude, and devotion, their music has the power to uplift souls and foster a sense of unity among all who partake in this moving worship experience.

List Of Tracks: Declare Your Name (Live Worship) Album By The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

1. I’ll Sing of Your Love (Live) [feat. Israel Houghton]

2. It All Belongs to You (Live) [feat. Jonathan Butler]

3. Made to Live for You (Live)

4. Pastor’s Intro (Live)

5. Oh the Cross (Live) [feat. Karen Melendez Rampersad]

6. I Love You (Live)

7. Where Can I Go (Live)

8. (In Everything) We Give Thanks (Live)

9. I Surrender (Live) [feat. Onaje Jefferson]

10. New Jerusalem (Live) [feat. TaRanda Greene]

11. Helpless (Live) [feat. Paul Baloche]

12. Coming Back (Live) [feat. Jonathan Butler]

13. Wonderful to Me (Live) [feat. Alicia Olatuja]

14. Declare Your Name (Live)