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The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir – Hallelu


Within the enchanting symphony of the album “Only to Him,” The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir introduces a song that invites listeners to join in a jubilant chorus of exultation. “Hallelu” emerges as a dynamic anthem of praise and celebration, igniting a sense of joy that transcends the ordinary.

From the first notes, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s harmonies blend seamlessly to create a rhythmic and vibrant atmosphere. “Hallelu,” a word often used in praise, becomes a melodic expression of gratitude and reverence. With its lively arrangement and spirited rhythm, “Hallelu” draws on the Choir’s exceptional musical talent to create an experience that radiates positivity and elation.

“Hallelu” becomes a captivating embodiment of the album’s essence—a journey of devotion and spiritual connection. Through this song, listeners are encouraged to embrace a moment of unadulterated joy, finding solace and inspiration in the act of worship.

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