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The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir – He Is Exalted


“He Is Exalted,” a majestic anthem from the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s album “Giving Him Thanks,” resounds with the splendor of divine reverence. As part of the same transformative album released on August 26, 2022, this song captures the choir’s ability to convey the grandeur of worship through their harmonious voices.

In “He Is Exalted,” the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir channels their vocal prowess to create a symphony of praise and adoration. The song’s lyrics, elevated by the choir’s resonant tones, paint a vivid picture of a higher power deserving of all honor and glory. The choir’s dynamic vocal range, from hushed moments of contemplation to powerful crescendos of proclamation, mirrors the vastness of the divine presence. As the voices of the choir merge in harmonious unison, “He Is Exalted” becomes more than a song – it becomes an invitation to participate in a worship experience that transcends the ordinary and touches the sublime.

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