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The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir – You’re My Praise [Full Album]


In a world where chaos often reigns, music has the remarkable power to soothe souls, uplift spirits, and bring communities together. The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, renowned for their transcendent harmonies and heartfelt performances, gifted the world a musical gem in 2022 with their album “You’re My Praise.” Comprising nine soul-stirring songs that span 37 minutes of pure musical delight, this album serves as a radiant beacon of hope and an invitation to bask in the glow of faith.

With their impeccable vocal prowess and emotive expressions, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir effortlessly guides listeners on a spiritual journey. Each track is a testament to their unwavering dedication to the art of praise, creating an atmosphere of worship that transcends boundaries. From the tender ballads that resonate with the depths of the human heart to the vibrant anthems that call congregations to unite in joyous celebration, “You’re My Praise” is a masterful display of musical diversity. The album’s carefully curated selection of songs fosters a sense of intimacy with the divine, reminding us all of the solace and strength that can be found in the midst of life’s challenges.

List Of Tracks: You’re My Praise Album By The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

1 . Never Get Enough

2. The Praise In Us

3. Building

4. I’m Clean

5. Oh, What A Love

6. You’re My Praise

7. Jesus, We’re Depending On You

8. Peace Be Still

9. In The Name Of Jesus