Burgess Owens of CPAC: "When you take God out of the equation, destruction is what's left"

Burgess Owens of CPAC: “When you take God out of the equation, destruction is what’s left”

During a discussion on the American left’s efforts to dismantle the nuclear family at the Conservative Political Action Conference, a retired NFL player-turned-congressman warned that “when God is out of the equation, devastation is what remains.”

Rep. Burgess Owens, from Utah, made the comments Saturday at the CPAC moderated by Mary Voot, executive director of the Senate Conservative Fund and wife of Russell Vogt, director of the Office of Management and Budget during the Trump administration.

Other participants in the session titled “The Left’s Special Words:” Disrupting the Nuclear Family, “were former NFL player-turned White House employee Jack Brewer, Fox News contributor, former Democrat Leo Terrell, and CEO of Young American. Against Socialist Morgan Zegers.

“Our session today will focus on how the left hates the nuclear family, and in their own words, how they try to destroy it,” said Foot. For example, she mentioned an attempt to replace the word “breastfeeding” with “breast” to be “inclusive of biological males who are transgendered.” Doing so, she emphasized, “reduces the importance of the role of biological women and … it is an attempt to destroy our very unique role that God has given us in the family.”

Owens, an African American who grew up in Florida in the 1960s, recalls what the black community was like at the time, “education, faith, free market, family – it’s all about that.”

“We led our country in the 1960s in the growth of the middle class,” he said, considering that the economic success that represented the African American community “was turned upside down.” Owens appealed to the audience not to “let the hard left do to our country what it has done to my great community.”

The new congressman explained how the American left reflected the progress African Americans were making in the economy. He asserted that this decline in progress was a logical consequence of what happens when “you remove manhood and remove the idea of ​​what a man is supposed to do, which is sacrificing everything for the sake of his family, wife and name.”

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He added, “The reason why our country is unique is due to the basis of … the Jewish and Christian values ​​that allow us to see each other … from the inside out versus the outside inside.” “The left wants … to reduce the value of femininity, reduce the value of masculinity, and destroy our children because when God leaves the equation, destruction is what remains, and this is all they have now.”

Brewer spoke about his experience visiting inner-city schools where he saw “children who cannot read and write” and “mothers who have no idea how to raise their children,” adding, “We have no problem with our children in America. We have a problem with our parents.”

The former soccer player urged conservatives to play a more active role in improving the well-being of inner-city youth: “The Bible teaches us to go out and serve our neighbors, the Bible commands us to do so. It tells us, in the Bible, in James 1:27,” Religion is pure and unclean Before God the Father is this to serve the orphan and the widow. ”

After affirming that the biblical commandment to “serve the orphan and the window” applies in the spiritual sense in addition to the material sense, he argued that “we have to return to the position of God in our schools, and God returns to our families, but most importantly, as Christians, we must break our own bubbles.” .

“Family unity is one of the most important values ​​in this country, mother, father, who makes us a great nation,” declared Terrell. “American values ​​include the nuclear family, and the nuclear family believes in conservative values.”

He said, “I had a father and a mother who basically felt it was their duty to improve our quality of life by making sure that I also have a better quality of life, by going to school.” According to Terrell, the left wants to “destroy the family unit and make everyone dependent on the government”.

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“They are attacking any nature of the family unit, no mother in the house, no father in the house, let the government do it all,” Terrell said. “This is what we have to fight.”

Zaggers criticized those on the far left for telling people not to marry and have children because they could die in a climate disaster. “They remove every aspect of natural happiness, achievement and purpose from our lives and create this soulless society.” She emphasized that the left had recognized that it “needs to end the nuclear family in order to pass a collective socialist agenda.”

Referring to Vought’s previous comments on pushing to refer to breastfeeding as “breastfeeding”, Segger rejected the notion that “pregnancy is a tool of suppression”. And she warned that the left wanted to establish “a government-mandated surrogacy system so that women would not be forced to have children.”

Later, Brewer called the Equality Act the “Declaration of Sodom and Gomorrah”, criticizing that pressure to allow children to choose their own sex, as 70% of children in African American society are born out of wedlock and many of them are “shattered and lost” and I don’t know how to find their way on any Case “.

He claimed that the country is facing a “spiritual battle” as children are told without instruction that “they can choose their gender, boys can be girls and girls can be boys.”

“We are influencing women not to need men and we are influencing our boys to be gentle,” Brewer noted when the crowd erupted with applause. “Christ Jesus was not a soft man.”

“Will we prove our truth through the word of God? Or will we prove our truth through man’s desires?” He asked.

Brewer also mentioned the importance of parents, noting that children are 20 times more likely to go to prison if they are orphans, and that “71% of all children who leave school are orphans.”