Miracles, signs and wonders happens as Todd Dulaney sings

Miracles, signs and wonders happens as Todd Dulaney sings

The professional baseball-turned-gospel singer Todd Dulaney who now sings songs composed of words from the Bible and, as a result, sees God’s miraculous work.

His last single “Revelation 4” is taken directly from the words found in this chapter of the Bible.

He told The Christian Post in an interview, “We just dug into the Book of Revelation. I’ve been singing the scriptures lately and it has worked, not just for me, but for people. I’ve been able to pass the word of God to people.”

The award-winning singer started singing The Word of God first during his concerts and then released his return to book EP. He continues this momentum and says that singing God’s words is “a completely different game”.

“My team and I have made sure that we do not just sing what we say. But we sing what he said and what he thinks. With this new song, we have just opened the book of revelation, the richness of God’s heart and what is going on around the throne of God.”

Dulaney continued, “Every night we opened Word, it was opening something crazy at our live concerts. So from there, we just made us want to dive in a little more, and we went to Revelation.” I’ve walked away from the book of Revelation, but now that I’m in there, I’m like, “Oh my God.” It’s so nice to see the way they talk about what they see in the sky. The vision John gives you about what he sees around the throne is crazy, so I had to write some kind of melody for her. ”

The native of Illinois encouraged people to stay enthusiastic about the heavenly mind during these times and really focus on what is said in God’s Word about what awaits us in heaven.

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Since the word was chanted in midair, Dulaney saw the Bible live in real time.

“We get all kinds of miraculous testimonies,” he said in his testimony. “We saw blind eyes open. We have reports of tumors drying into cancer.”

He witnessed “One of the Strongest Testimonials” at one of his concerts after seeing a blind woman in Arkansas regain her sight after being completely blind for 16 years.

“It was just a night when the Holy Spirit caused us to perform miracles,” Dulaney recalls. “We got pressured that night, no matter what song we went to, it was still miraculous about that night. I’m like, ‘Hey man, why do we keep talking about this? “[And] this lady, she stepped forward and said,“ I can see the shadows now. ”We were stumbling!

So the priest came to that house and then started to take it further. He said, “You know, what, if you can see the shadows, let’s go to everything.” We pray, we fight, we worship, and then when I left the stage, it was [she] ] Able to see very clearly, ”Dulaney celebrated.

Now every time he’s in Arkansas, a recovered woman attends his concerts.

He said, “It reminds us of the night that she received her eyesight from the Word of God. It is the highest level of truth. I think that, as a body, if we stick to what he said more, then you will see more of the results he intended.”

Dulaney emphasized that believers today have a unique opportunity to express God in difficult times.

“If you were still alive today, you have something very, very valuable to offer to the chaos that is happening in the world. You wouldn’t be here even if you weren’t important, if you weren’t set, if they weren’t chosen to be alive during the chaos.” That is it. How important it is for us to release what God has put in us now. ”

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The husband and the father stressed that everyone is a bearer of the glory of God, and hoped that people would share God in these times when many lose their “identity”.

“We do not have any evidence of who we are as a people; we have no evidence of kings, we don’t know.” The only thing that restores this glory is the presence of God.

He added that the world needs a “collective revival” in the presence of God, stressing that there are only two options: reviving or “returning” to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

He pointed out, “This epidemic forced us to develop a real life of prayer or a real intimate situation with God. I think God deliberately allowed this so that we could develop a real relationship with him, a real relationship between two people. This is the only way we will continue.”

An eOn artist asserted that this generation is steeped in “false truths,” and people should have a relationship where they are “guided by the Holy Spirit”.

“I know people don’t spend time in the Word because if we, the Church, the body would have responded with spiritual violence with all this chaos. We had a kind of fight-and-fight response in the soul. But we put the chaos as a body, and took what the enemy had. But that was it. Because we were not ready. ”

Dulaney’s “Revelation 4” is now available. For more information, visit todddulaneyland.com.

Watch the CP interview below: