Moses Bliss Married, Has Wife, Could This be True? Who is thinking what I am thinking?

Is Moses Bliss Married

Confused reactions as “Too Faithful” singer Moses Bliss shared two pictures with a mysterious, beautiful but unexpected woman and a child that many consider his wife and son.

Question fans and social media users are currently asking!
  • Is Moses Bliss married with a kid?
  • Who is thinking what I am thinking?
  • So you’re married. How can I tell myself and all friends that our heart is still intact, it’s not broken this is not true!

Is Moses Bliss Married, Check Out His Wife & Son Family Pictures

Prospa Ochimana commented on one of the photos, saying “Dear Brother.. @mosesbliss. I’m soo proud of you. Beautiful Family, you got here. Son soo cute like the Dad and Mom. Bigger everyday Noni. 😍.. and indeed God is helping you. To God be the Glory. Best regards bro.”

Bliss Married, See His Wife & Son Family Photos

Today February 20th Moses Bliss is sharing this single he titles “Taking Care” to mark his birthday. Listen, Download, and be blessed as you also accord your Taking Care testimony.

Source: GospelMinds

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