Iwoni Oba - Favour George [MP3, Video]

Iwoni Oba – Favour George [MP3, Video]

Favour George

Nigerian gospel artist, Favor George, on another level, is redefining what worship is. Winner of many awards and songwriter. She has won numerous awards and accolades for her name with songs like Addicted, Endless Praise, Your Love, to name a few, and her latest single “Iwoni Oba”.

Iwni Oba, is a song written in deep gratitude to God for his endless display of love and grace to Minister (Favor George). Looking at His infinite mercies, she declared God in her words as King (Ionic Oba).

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Loaded with a powerful revelation of the greatness of God, Iwoni Oba builds from a soft harmonious sound to a trance of gentle harmonies. The song is fortified with a chant Yoruba declaring God’s kingship. This energy grows in the patch in a dash of harmony. What we really need is the hymn, as a new voice for a new worship.

The Secretary of State’s preference for George so far is staggering and his influence has been felt both domestically and internationally. With her very strong vocal prowess, it’s clear to see why she is so grateful.

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Receive “Iwoni Oba” upon closing. It holds no limits, and is set to break records.