[Video] The Lord Reigns – Nike Daniel

[Video] The Lord Reigns – Nike Daniel

[Video] The Lord Reigns - Nike Daniel

Sweden-based evangelical artist Nike Daniel made her official music debut in 2020 with the song “The Lord Reigns”. This time, it takes bigger and higher with the visuals releasing the song.

“Depicting some accounts of his mighty deeds as recorded in the Bible helps one to fear and worship God more. Scientists have an explanation as to why most things are like this but not all things. They are looking for a very long time. They experiment before they reach their conclusion of a reason. Something exists but some research is inconclusive because God prevails!

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Great is the Lord and very praiseworthy. And his grandeur cannot be searched for. Psalm 145: 3

Who has put beautiful designs and color combinations on butterflies, birds, zebras, and many other creatures? What is the name of the architect who drew the outline of tall mountains with a large area inside that accommodates several buildings without pressure? It is extremely powerful and beautiful beyond description!

Let the heavens rejoice and the earth rejoice and say among the nations the Lord has reigned.
1 Chronicles 16:31 King James Edition

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Join the men who claim to be king as you watch this video. God bless you in the name of Jesus.

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