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Wanda Nero Butler – All to the Glory of God [Full Album]


Wanda Nero Butler’s album “All to the Glory of God” emerges as a profound testament to faith and musical artistry. With her reputation as a prominent figure in gospel music, Butler’s album, released on July 23, 1996, under the ℗ 2006 Sound Of Gospel Records label, comprises a collection of ten spiritually resonant tracks that span 55 minutes. As the artist’s offering to the divine, the album seamlessly blends Butler’s evocative vocals with messages of devotion, encapsulating the essence of worship and praise.

In “All to the Glory of God,” Wanda Nero Butler showcases her ability to create a harmonious fusion of musical excellence and spiritual depth. The album’s ten tracks act as a sonic journey, guiding listeners through themes of gratitude, reverence, and transformation. With each song, Butler’s soulful delivery and the album’s arrangement create an immersive atmosphere that fosters a deep connection with the divine. As the melodies unfold, they bring to life the artist’s intention to channel her musical gifts toward the glorification of a higher power. With its release under the Sound Of Gospel Records label, “All to the Glory of God” stands as a lasting testimony to Butler’s commitment to uplifting hearts and spirits through the power of music.

List Of Tracks: All to the Glory of God Album By Wanda Nero Butler

1. Hey Y’all!

2. Praise Be to God

3. Come and Go With Me

4. Can’t Help But Love Him

5. It’s All to the Glory of God

6. It’s All to the Glory…(Reprise)

7. Standing On His Word

8. Jesus Knows

9. Sanctified and Holy

10. Coming Home