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Wanda Nero Butler – Oh Lord I Pray


“Oh Lord I Pray,” a stirring creation by Wanda Nero Butler, stands as a powerful testament to the artist’s devotion and vocal prowess. Recorded with heartfelt reverence, the song’s spiritual essence is palpable, enveloping listeners in a sense of prayerful reflection. Butler’s emotive rendition, characterized by her signature blend of soul and gospel influences, evokes a deep connection to faith and a plea for divine guidance.

Recorded during the poignant session on November 29, 1994, “Oh Lord I Pray” captures Butler’s ability to convey raw emotion through her music. The song’s lyrics, coupled with Butler’s resonant voice, create a moving narrative of seeking solace and strength from a higher source. With every note, Butler’s dedication to her craft shines through, bringing the listener into an intimate space of communion and supplication. “Oh Lord I Pray” stands as a testament to Wanda Nero Butler’s remarkable ability to harness the power of song to convey profound spiritual sentiments, leaving an enduring impact on those who seek solace and inspiration through music.

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