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William McDowell – As We Worship Live [Full Album]


Download William McDowell As We Worship Live Album: William McDowell released a live album “As We Worship Live” in the year 2009. The new project was a released under the imprint of Koch Records, William McDowell still maintains his unique style of music.

William McDowell is a renowned gospel musician and worship leader, known for his soulful and passionate approach to worship. His album, As We Worship Live, is a two-disc collection of powerful live recordings that will take you on a deeply moving musical journey.

As We Worship Live is a phenomenal body of work that houses a number of twenty-one tracks and features no guest appearances except his backup singers whose individual services are generally acknowledged.

Check the full tracks below!!!

List Of Tracks: As We Worship Album By William McDowell

Disc 1

Disc 1 of As We Worship Live opens with “Expecting,” a stirring call to worship that sets the tone for the rest of the album. McDowell’s vocals are full of raw emotion as he urges listeners to prepare their hearts and minds for a powerful encounter with God. The album continues with “Send the Rain,” a song that asks for God’s presence and blessing to fall upon the congregation. McDowell’s vocals soar in this song, as he leads the crowd in a powerful declaration of faith.

  1. Expectation
  2. As We Worship
  3. The Sound
  4. Give Him Praises
  5. He Is
  6. Downpour
  7. Come Unto Me
  8. Closer/Wrap Me In Your Arms
  9. Wrap Me In Your Arms (Reprise)
  10. Show Me Your Face (Intro)
  11. Show Me Your Face
  12. I Want to Know You

Disc 2

Disc 2 of As We Worship Live begins with “Standing,” a song that encourages listeners to stand firm in their faith and trust in God’s promises. The song has a powerful, uplifting melody and features an incredible vocal performance from McDowell.

  1. Psalm 27 (One Thing)
  2. Give Us Your Heart (Intro)
  3. Give Us Your Heart
  4. I Give Myself Away
  5. Here I Am to Worship
  6. Send Me
  7. The Sound of Heaven
  8. Go Forth
  9. Wherever I Go