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Don Moen – Heal Our Land ft Paul Wilbur [Full Album]


Download Don Moen Heal Our Land Album ft Paul Wilbur: Precisely 2013, Don Moen and Paul Wilbur come to the conclusion of releasing their collaborative album titled “Heal Our Land” which has been shared on all streaming platforms. It was released through Integrity Music.

Heal Our Land, is a phenomenal album where Don Moen and Paul Wilbur performed wonderfully well and goes beyond expectation. It is made up of gospel genre which comprises fourteen outstanding tracks with no guest appearances. In this project, Don Moen and Paul Wilbur’s performances are generally accepted by the fans and truly, it is worth more listening to.

Check out the full tracks below!!!

List Of Tracks: Heal Our Land Album By Don Moen & Paul Wilbur

Track Number Tracks
1. He Will Come and Save
2. Give Thanks
3. My Help Comes from the Lord
4. Oh Jah
5. Let God Arise; It Is Good; Roni Roni Bat Zion
6. There Is None Like You
7. Behold How Good (Hinei Ma Tov)
8. Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty
9. Spirit Come
10. Heal Our Land
11. Free Worship
12. All We Like Sheep
13. The Power of Your Love
14. The Blessing Song